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Do you do water tests, and how much do they cost?

Our sales associates are certified to test water and come up with a course of action for balancing your water to gain clear and algae-free water. And it’s FREE, all year round!

Why does Viscount sell Emerald or Great Lakes spas?

Besides the important fact that these hot tubs are built right here in Michigan, they are also made with the customer in mind. These tubs are insulated to withstand the Michigan winters as well as made with quality parts and workmanship.

Does Viscount sell in-ground pools?

We sell semi-in-ground pools. Our semi-in-ground pools can be buried in the ground up to a few inches from the ground’s surface. These pools are made of extruded aluminum.

Why is calcium hardness important in my pool water?

Unbalanced calcium hardness has the ability to corrode any metallic items in contact with the pool water, or even damage some pool finishes. Heaters are very vulnerable to corrosion due to low calcium levels, which can result in high repair rates or heater replacement.

What causes my alkalinity level to decrease?

Alkalinity levels decrease due to the acid levels of the rain, human pH levels being low and certain chemicals with low pH. Alkalinity plus should be added to the water at a rate of one pound per 10,000 gallons of water every few hours until the ideal level is reached, which is 100-150 parts per million (ppm).

Why do I need to use extra chlorine or shock along with algaecide when I try to get rid of green water?

Algaecide opens up the algae bloom so the chlorine or shock can kill it completely. Some cleanup is often needed afterward, such as light brushing and a quick vacuum.

How do you keep the dark ring from appearing at the waterline?

Waterline buildup is due to increasing levels of biodegradables (suntan lotion, hair care products, makeup, etc.). To prevent this from becoming a problem, a natural enzyme treatment should be used weekly, such as Pool Perfect® by Natural Chemistry. Continual use of this product will also help break down existing stains, making them easier to brush away.